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Ponto Streamer The Ponto Streamer allows you to wirelessly connect your Ponto Plus sound processor to different audio sources and transmit the sound from the source to your sound processor. The Ponto Streamer also acts as a remote control for your sound processor. It is worn around the neck and features three buttons for core applications: phone, TV and microphone.


Volume control The volume is increased by turning the volume control upwards and decreased by turning it downwards. When the volume control is turned, beeps can be heard to indicate that the volume is being changed. When the maximum or minimum volume has been reached the beeps will cease.

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To hear music/sound wirelessly, . from an MP8 player or a computer with built-in Bluetooth, make sure that the device has been paired to the Ponto Streamer (page 87), that both are turned on, and within range ( 65 metres). To listen to music from . cell phone, press the AUX button before starting the music player.

Solutions Change battery pg. 8-9 Press push button pg. 65-66 Clean the sound processor pg. 75 Open the battery door and let the sound processor dry out in its case pg. 75 Change battery pg. 8-9 Check that the sound processor is correctly connected and is not touching anything pg.

Connection To safely and comfortably connect the sound processor, tilt it slightly and carefully push it onto the abutment. Please note it is important to keep hair out of the way when the sound processor is connected to the abutment.

accessories and spare parts Skins Additional skins are available from your hearing care profes- sional. Skin x7568 single button A skin with one protruding button, which makes x756C blind x756D operation easier, is available from your hearing care professional.

x7568 the call is auto- matically connected to the Ponto Streamer. The phone button on the Ponto Streamer and the status indicator on the top will turn green, and you will hear a confir- mation beep in your sound processor indicating that the call is now connected through the Ponto Streamer and sound pro- cessor.

Streamer is locked to your own Ponto Plus sound processor only. You should be aware that if your Ponto Streamer is open and you are within a distance of approximately 6 meter of another person x7569 s Ponto Plus sound processor, then this sound pro- cessor can also be operated by your Ponto Streamer.

Streamer Instructions for Use Instructions for Use Ponto Ponto x7568 The Bone anchored Hearing System x7568 The Bone anchored Hearing System.

(page 98). 8. Use of a ConnectLine TV solution (sold separately) to wirelessly transmit the TV sound to the sound processor* (page 55). * In effect turning the Ponto Streamer and sound processor into a wireless headset.

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