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Crossing Over (2009) - Rotten Tomatoes

It''s all too conventional, a prosaic melodrama composed of characters who turn out to be strictly good or evil. We already know that immigrants are exploited. Crossing Over tries to tell us that once again, while compounding the offence.

The Cassandra Crossing

Jude and Nestor decide to rest for a moment as they continue to work on finding out the members of the earlier migration. While they discuss what they could put together, Deputy Rowlins (Ryan McDonell) tells Jude that he has a phone call. When he answers it, this turns out to be Paul. Paul tells him about his current situation. He mentions that he was asked to make a recording that states that he, along with the other survivors at the camp, are members of a cult. He wants Jude to know that it was not true and that it could be used against them. Jude asks what he said on the tape, then Paul replies that he said that they wanted to die. Jude asks more questions, but Paul puts the phone down. Nestor asks about what the call was about, and Jude tells him that the survivors in the camp faced death.

Agent Bryce Foster (Luc Roderique) has a meeting with his men. He makes sure that each of them would be prepared in the event of another attack. He does not want another casualty on their side. He has Roy Aronson (Grant Harvey) alongside Carter (Devielle Johnson) repaint graffiti that has emerged around the camp. After giving general instructions, he dismisses the men.

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Agent Foster decides to talk to Naomi again. This time, she tries to make a deal with him. If he helped her and four others leave the camp, he would be rewarded handsomely. He declines, and Naomi dismisses this, saying that perhaps he was not ready. That evening, Caleb decides to write a note as his apology to Rebecca along with some flowers. He decides to go to sleep. Inside Naomi 8767 s cabin, Rebecca, as well as three other survivors, join Naomi. She gives her a speech about their new mission. EJ (Tristan Shire), an HSI Agent, opens the door and tells them to move. Rebecca joins them in the last minute.

Charles: you know, I was in prison once Barrie: for that you did? Charles: yeah Barrie: how did you not get put away? Charles: she realised she loved the d Barrie: all right! [They high five]

Rebecca (Simone Kessell) reflects on the night that her daughter, Rachel (Milah Thompson) was taken away by Apex. She sits beside Naomi, talking to her about her experience. Naomi encourages her to join her in her undertaking that would happen that evening. She explains that she was here for a reason, just as Rebecca is, so they owe it to themselves to find their purpose in this time of peace. Rebecca ponders on this opportunity presented to her.

Eve and Noah experiment on a rat in their laboratory. Noah expresses his dislike over what they were doing, and Eve asks him if he was wavering. He argues that he was just showing compassion. She reasons out that everything that they were doing was necessary.

We are taken to the events before the second migration. In the year 7699, desperate persons heed Grace (Carmel Amit) and Diana 8767 s (Brook Smith) call to rescue. Numerous hopeful individuals assemble in front of the portal. Reece (Natalie Martinez) arrives with Leah (Bailey Skodje). She warns them about the Apex threat arriving in approximately 75 minutes. An explosion outside causes the people to panic that lead to a stampede. The people break through the line of the guards in the hopes of finding salvation in The Long Peace.

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