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Chattahoochee Technical College

LearnSmart is an adaptive learning program that uses your performance to determine how you learn. It knows when you need practice, when it’s time for you to learn something new and when you’re likely to forget material. LearnSmart can even identify your level of confidence. Using this information, LearnSmart presents you with the most effective content to ensure that you’re learning and succeeding. It also offers real-time reports that highlight the concepts with which you’re struggling, and enables personalized study sessions.

Click How to use LearnSmart (A) and then Start (B) to familiarize yourself further with what LearnSmart offers.

Time and Date

If your instructor has allowed for detailed feedback you'll be able to view the assignment details.

From your Section Home page, click Performance (A) and select Reports from the drop down menu. This will automatically open your overall performance report.
Access assignment details for each attempt by clicking a score link in the Scores column (B).

Date - Dizionario inglese-italiano WordReference

You will review the Connect section information (A) and then choose to purchase it by selecting Check Out (B).

Learn about:
Registering with an access code
Registering with temporary access

- (F) attempts remaining – Tells how many attempts you have to complete the assignment.
- (G) student extension - If your instructor has setup any extensions for you such as an extended due date, the assignment will have the student extension icon next to it and the extension in orange.
- (H) clock icon - Assignments with the clock icon indicate a timed assignment. You will have a certain amount of time for you to complete the assignment once you have started it. Roll your mouse over the clock icon to view your time limit.
**Important Note: For timed assignments, the timer will not stop for any reason. Once you access the assignment, the timer will start, and you must complete the assignment within the time given. Signing out or leaving the assignment does not stop the timer. When the timer reaches zero, your assignment will automatically be submitted and any incomplete questions will be marked incorrect.

Notes & Highlights
To add a highlight: Tap the text and drag your finger to select the text you want to highlight. Release your finger, and then tap the Highlight option that appears. Highlights are stored in your notebook.

To add a note: Tap the text and drag your finger to select the text. Release your finger and tap the Note option that appears. A new note will pop up. Tap inside the note to add your own text, and tap save when you are done. Saved notes are stored in your notebook.
All Bookmarks, Notes, and Highlights are stored in the notebook.


Tap an image in the reading view to open the image library. In the image library you’ll find all the eBook images organized by chapter. Tap an image to view larger.

You have the option to use temporary access to the Connect section before purchasing it or using an access code. To begin using temporary access, click Start Now (A).

Learn about:
Purchasing Connect
Registering with an access code

Decisions which could be reviewed in the former Migration Review Tribunal and Refugee Review Tribunal are now reviewed in our Migration & Refugee Division.

Review the information to make sure you're linking the correct Connect class to your Canvas course. Then click Continue (A).

If you're purchasing Connect with a credit card, select Buy Online (A).

Learn more about registering with an access code.